Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trans-structural time travel

In an infinite universe, all possibilities exist. Each possibility is represented by a holographic structure. Most are lifeless. This structure is filled by the emotional energy of all life forms from algae and plants to coral and humans.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dynamic capillaries

Evaporation is dynamic capillarity. Just as water travels upward through a napkin or cloth, so does it travel through air. To think of that as a "phase change" is misleading. Why does water evaporate in butane more rapidly than air? Answer: dynamic capillarity (adhesion to H in butane).

All molecules respond to electro-magnetic charge. So arranging electro-magnetic waves in a precise format in a high humidity container can cause condensation.

Imagine a closed system:
- liquid water
- butane or other air attractive to water molecules
- magnetic waves at the top of the container arranging water molecules in the air hastening their natural hydrogen-bonding tendencies (causing condensation)

That system does not rely on heat differential. Water has risen through dynamic capillaries (EG. butane). Water falls as it condenses. A turbine can be placed in the flow.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some questions...

1. What is the potential energy of static electricity (electrostatic properties of molecules/atoms)?

2. Why do the Laws of Thermodynamics include nothing when we have a universe of something? And why do we multiply that universe times zero?

3. Is water a wave or a particle?

4. How does water get into a flower (or a coconut)?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ion Conveyor Belt

Simple in concept:
- ions are atoms stripped of electrons
- position those positively charged ions on a ramp
- with intelligent engineering a positively/negatively charged water molecule can be spun and towed uphill.
- with more engineering, molecules can separated by charge, size, or shape and water mining can be performed.

This is an extension of my original "Energy Machine" provisional patent based on capillary energy. It will also lead into "Trapping Discrete Particles in Fluids".

Formulating my thoughts on this blog right now...

For right now, see my patents and basic thoughts on my other blogs:

While Einstein's famous theory E=Mc2 is not correct, Molecular Dynamics is much credited to Einstein's original works. Hegel was also close to these same ideas.