Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fibonacci Sprials?

Has anyone tried overlaying Fibonacci spirals in 3 dimensions to represent electron shells?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bacterial growth patterns & Intersections of magnetic parabolas

If the electro-magnetic field of all atoms is accounted for, growth patterns might conform to the magnetic parabolas.

IF there is anomalous growth, it might show consciousness.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Breath underwater indefinitely by splitting Carbon dioxide in the lungs

Lasers can split the CO2 in the lungs into C and O2.  If the CO2-splitter disposes of the Carbon safely, the O2 would be reused by the erythrocytes' hemoglobin indefinitely.

With proper safety gear for ears, mouth, and eyes, one might "scuba dive" to 500 or more feet indefinitely (until you became hungry).

Some initial research on splitting CO2 using UV-light:

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Cell biology & exocytosis

While pondering how exocytosis works, it occurred to me that "Intersections of magnetic parabolas" potentially explains this phenomenon.

If the overall macro-molecular construct of the cytoplasm/protoplasm, referring to the internal "charge" of the cell within its membranes reaches a point where the synthesis or breakdown (anabolic/catabolic) reactions becomes non-homeostatic, the cell's pressure might push a vacuole to the edge allowing material to escape the pressure.

While that can occur in isolation (within a single cell's walls), there would also be a macro-effect of multiple cells' "charge" that affects a single cell.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mathematics of energy and 1800s decisions

What is light?  No one knows, yet the "laws" of mathematics and physics treat all energy as equivalent.  It originates with the "conservation of momentum" which appears to be a valid "law".

All mathematical formulas describing energy derive from Newton's kinetic formula kg*m/s^2.  Was it not presumptuous to rewrite the rules of mathematics based on mid-1800s science?  "Conservation of energy" was a mid-1800s assumption on an extension of momentum.  Today, physicists are still arguing over Maxwell, Poisson, and Einstein.

Why is the solar constant expressed in W/m^2 and not in newtons? Watts is an expression of joules which is an expression of newtons with meters, so why is that not mathematically normalized?

Further, why were all the rules of mathematics governing energy rewritten in the mid-1800s?

Friday, March 14, 2014

What is an electron?

Is it the pocket of empty space formed between the intersections of magnetic parabolas in 3 dimensional space?

If the magnetic parabolas surrounding an atom or molecule shift, the electron will appear to disappear and instantly pop up in a different place.

Does that explain quantum mechanics' observed phenomena?

Monday, December 23, 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cleaning the world's oceans... one particle at a time.

"Trapping discrete particles in fluids" is a patent application from 2009 describing a way to identify and extract particles for environmental cleanup and nano-mining natural resources.
Aside from technical discussions, the idea of counting individual particles connotes a responsibility that requires global participation.

I am looking for corporate sponsorship in developing the technology and to begin policy discussions internationally.
Andrew Bransford Brown

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Locating funding or a company with a vision

It is my theory that matter is what occurs at the intersections of magnetic lines.  Each intersection is unique and might form Hydrogen, Oxygen, Gold, etc.  Since each intersection is unique it can be identified.  The "spirals" of the particle's magnetic fields will have predictable entry points that can be broken.

Recently they did an experiment at CERN that indicates exactly how to open the magnetic field to allow singular capture.  This is early research for the patent's implementation.

Stage 2 of that patent indicates that matter itself can be formed given a strong enough magnetic field.  Today, they use heat to create the pressure necessary for fusion.  They attempt "cold fusion" via chemistry.  However, it is PRESSURE (and time) which is important.  That can be done with magnets and creating a magnetic field powerful enough to fuse the elements together.  Now.  That is STAGE 2, NOT stage 1.  Alchemy comes to mind, and I do not mean to suggest that elements can be conjured out of thin air.  So back to...

Stage 1 is the identification of the specific shape of individual molecules and elements so as to design a trap for it.  Existing methods focus on chemical identification.  I am looking for an electronic shape signature.

Please concentrate on Stage 1.  Viability?  It depends on the quality of engineers committed to the project.  6 months to profitability.  SSRI molecule or other large non bio-degradable, possibly with country sponsorship and revenue for its effective cleanup.  Someone should check with the EPA.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Theory of Magnetic Intersections?

The important part of this is the intersection at the magnetic lines cross.  Since magnetic lines are parabolic, perhaps it is redundant to say magnetic parabolas. 

I think it explains gravity and its directionalism.  Attractive vs. repulsive.  What was I thinking yesterday that explained it so well?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Theory of Intersecting Magnetic Parabolas

All of matter can be described as "intersections of magnetic parabolas". Someone suggested "intersections of physical parabolas", and I kind of agree, however magnetic parabolas is easier to think about.

Anyhow, viewing matter as the intersections of magnetic parabolas explains black holes as well as electrons and quarks. What happens to the "matter" at the center of black holes? Is it "infinitely dense" as some theories are forced to support? Or is it a smoothing out of the competing magnetic parabolas? Rather than posit an exit of a wormhole or something, magnetic parabolas explains without entering a new something into the equation.

Speaking of equations, it also explains infinite at both sides of the equation (going to zero and going to maximum). There is no maximum except to the extent that a red dwarf has a maximum mass.

FYI, E=mc2 is an interesting equation. As all of mathematics it is an approximation of reality and not reality itself. It is my belief that c2 approximates the intersections of magnetic parabolas, but does not accurately measure or account for all phenomena.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The intersection of magnetic parabolas

As I was walking to the library this morning in Brooklyn, it occurred to me that electron positioning, movement, and proton/neutron dynamics can all be described using the phrase "intersections of magnetic parabolas".  A 3-dimensional field of particles with complex intersections at varying velocities and pressures.

Perhaps I should have titled this blog "Particle Dynamics".  Or "so much for the 'shell'"? 

IE.  the shell of the atom or particle is the sum of the parabolic intersections surrounding the core.

One might say the core "particle" is in fact the intersection of the magnetic parabolas forming a clump.  However, its "particle-ness" seems a function of scale.  Is this the bridge between what appears to be energy into mass?  Heat comes to mind as I have not yet seen a satisfactory description of heat.

FYI, it is my belief and assumption that the core is "nothing" (until proven otherwise).  My other theory is the core is in fact consciousness and might be a piece of God playing.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Water mining" and the future of filtration

Have you considered the implications of the patent application "Trapping Discrete Particles in Fluids"?

Mining for gold and silver in tap water looks to be feasible as well as designing things like a muffler filter that can be changed with the oil. One person suggested "magnetic hydrolysis" as a good description of surface mining.

My marketing phrase is:
"Cleaning the world's oceans... one particle at a time."

I am looking for corporate sponsorship. One patent per particle. Please think through the implications of counting individual particles from the world's oceans with public policy before "going it alone".

Andrew Bransford Brown
347 360 2267

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trans-structural time travel

In an infinite universe, all possibilities exist. Each possibility is represented by a holographic structure. Most are lifeless. This structure is filled by the emotional energy of all life forms from algae and plants to coral and humans.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dynamic capillaries

Evaporation is dynamic capillarity. Just as water travels upward through a napkin or cloth, so does it travel through air. To think of that as a "phase change" is misleading. Why does water evaporate in butane more rapidly than air? Answer: dynamic capillarity (adhesion to H in butane).

All molecules respond to electro-magnetic charge. So arranging electro-magnetic waves in a precise format in a high humidity container can cause condensation.

Imagine a closed system:
- liquid water
- butane or other air attractive to water molecules
- magnetic waves at the top of the container arranging water molecules in the air hastening their natural hydrogen-bonding tendencies (causing condensation)

That system does not rely on heat differential. Water has risen through dynamic capillaries (EG. butane). Water falls as it condenses. A turbine can be placed in the flow.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some questions...

1. What is the potential energy of static electricity (electrostatic properties of molecules/atoms)?

2. Why do the Laws of Thermodynamics include nothing when we have a universe of something? And why do we multiply that universe times zero?

3. Is water a wave or a particle?

4. How does water get into a flower (or a coconut)?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ion Conveyor Belt

Simple in concept:
- ions are atoms stripped of electrons
- position those positively charged ions on a ramp
- with intelligent engineering a positively/negatively charged water molecule can be spun and towed uphill.
- with more engineering, molecules can separated by charge, size, or shape and water mining can be performed.

This is an extension of my original "Energy Machine" provisional patent based on capillary energy. It will also lead into "Trapping Discrete Particles in Fluids".

Formulating my thoughts on this blog right now...

For right now, see my patents and basic thoughts on my other blogs:

While Einstein's famous theory E=Mc2 is not correct, Molecular Dynamics is much credited to Einstein's original works. Hegel was also close to these same ideas.