Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dynamic capillaries

Evaporation is dynamic capillarity. Just as water travels upward through a napkin or cloth, so does it travel through air. To think of that as a "phase change" is misleading. Why does water evaporate in butane more rapidly than air? Answer: dynamic capillarity (adhesion to H in butane).

All molecules respond to electro-magnetic charge. So arranging electro-magnetic waves in a precise format in a high humidity container can cause condensation.

Imagine a closed system:
- liquid water
- butane or other air attractive to water molecules
- magnetic waves at the top of the container arranging water molecules in the air hastening their natural hydrogen-bonding tendencies (causing condensation)

That system does not rely on heat differential. Water has risen through dynamic capillaries (EG. butane). Water falls as it condenses. A turbine can be placed in the flow.

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