Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Locating funding or a company with a vision

It is my theory that matter is what occurs at the intersections of magnetic lines.  Each intersection is unique and might form Hydrogen, Oxygen, Gold, etc.  Since each intersection is unique it can be identified.  The "spirals" of the particle's magnetic fields will have predictable entry points that can be broken.

Recently they did an experiment at CERN that indicates exactly how to open the magnetic field to allow singular capture.  This is early research for the patent's implementation.

Stage 2 of that patent indicates that matter itself can be formed given a strong enough magnetic field.  Today, they use heat to create the pressure necessary for fusion.  They attempt "cold fusion" via chemistry.  However, it is PRESSURE (and time) which is important.  That can be done with magnets and creating a magnetic field powerful enough to fuse the elements together.  Now.  That is STAGE 2, NOT stage 1.  Alchemy comes to mind, and I do not mean to suggest that elements can be conjured out of thin air.  So back to...

Stage 1 is the identification of the specific shape of individual molecules and elements so as to design a trap for it.  Existing methods focus on chemical identification.  I am looking for an electronic shape signature.

Please concentrate on Stage 1.  Viability?  It depends on the quality of engineers committed to the project.  6 months to profitability.  SSRI molecule or other large non bio-degradable, possibly with country sponsorship and revenue for its effective cleanup.  Someone should check with the EPA.

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