Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The intersection of magnetic parabolas

As I was walking to the library this morning in Brooklyn, it occurred to me that electron positioning, movement, and proton/neutron dynamics can all be described using the phrase "intersections of magnetic parabolas".  A 3-dimensional field of particles with complex intersections at varying velocities and pressures.

Perhaps I should have titled this blog "Particle Dynamics".  Or "so much for the 'shell'"? 

IE.  the shell of the atom or particle is the sum of the parabolic intersections surrounding the core.

One might say the core "particle" is in fact the intersection of the magnetic parabolas forming a clump.  However, its "particle-ness" seems a function of scale.  Is this the bridge between what appears to be energy into mass?  Heat comes to mind as I have not yet seen a satisfactory description of heat.

FYI, it is my belief and assumption that the core is "nothing" (until proven otherwise).  My other theory is the core is in fact consciousness and might be a piece of God playing.

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